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Property Project

Transforming your vision into reality

Project Management Application 

For Contractors

Keep your team informed and organized about your projects.

For Your Clients

Keep your clients informed with where you are with their projects.

Property Project

Unique to our services is the Property Project App. The app allows you to be updated on the progress of your project, whether it is renovations or new construction. So if you live in another state, while your investment property is being renovated, follow the progress with our app, and get pictures and notifications of changes. You can also pay your invoices directly through the app, allowing for better tracking of costs and expenses.

Property Project Website - Tasks

Our app includes all the tools you’ll need to track development and management of your properties. Property Project visualizes your process so development cycles and team productivity can be enhanced by including all of the important features of project management into one, easy to use tool.

Property Project Website - Calendar

Share and work with your whole team from one dashand to save time and increase your productivity. See all your properties and all the tasks as the build begins through completion. Login to start an account. 

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